Plastic recycling is a major technological challenge. Currently, the world recycles only 14% of the plastic packaging it uses and 72% is not recovered at all: 40% is landfilled and 32% leaks out of the collection system. Despite having an inherent value, virtually all -95%- is simply lost after a single use.

One particular challenge for technological design innovation is multi-material packaging. Unfortunately, increasing packaging complexity to gain performance benefits also makes the packaging much harder to recycle and usually ends up in landfill or incineration plants. This poorly sustainable post-consumer scenario contradicts de concept of Circular Economy.

The MANDALA project presents a sustainable solution for the plastic packaging sector, focusing on 3 fundamental pillars: eco-design, adhesives with double functionality and end of life, with the aim of finding a sustainable and effective solution for multilayer packaging in the medium term, insofar as recycling the conventional materials as well as the use of biopolymers.