The MANDALA project falls within the scope of the call for proposals under the 2018 work programme of the H2020-BBI-JTI-2018 bio-industrial public-private partnership, and more particularly under its BBI-2018-SO3-R10 section on the development of bio-based packaging products that are biodegradable/ compostable and/or recyclable The specific challenge of this topic were focused on making the end-of-life phase for packaging significantly more sustainable. To address this challenge, MANDALA solution will be focused in a twofold. First, the development of a mono-material packaging that offers the same benefits as its conventional multi-material counterparts. Second. The development of technologies that make it easier to separate and sort multi-material packaging.

The MANDALA project presents a sustainable solution for the plastic packaging sector, focusing on 3 fundamental pillars: eco-design, adhesives with double functionality and end of life, with the aim of finding a sustainable and effective solution for multilayer packaging in the medium term, insofar as recycling the conventional materials as well as the use of biopolymers.

MANDALA project aims to deliver a sustainable multi-material packaging format that will set the basis for new food (meat, ready-to-eat) and pharma (pill blister) packaging products, which in addition to satisfying the business needs thanks to its barrier properties, ots design will facilitate recycling as it will be possible to separate the multiple layers through the development of a thermo-reversible adhesive.