Demonstrate the feasibility of a circular economy for multilayer packaging by validating different end-of-life scenarios:

The overall objective of the MANDALA project is to demonstrate the feasibility of its multilayer packaging as part of the circular economy.
The goal of the project is to demonstrate that MANDALA solution (a combination of novel product and technology) is efficient for the delamination of multilayer packaging

Stimulate an effective after-use plastics economy by helping make the economics of recycling more attractive

Decouple plastics from fossil feedstocks by identifying and determining renewably-sourced alternatives.

Make the end-of-life phase for packaging more sustainable by developing a new laminated film approach that is easy to separate and thus recycle. It will also develop the technologies to enable separation of the different materials after use.

Enhance available biological waste treatment processes. Currently, European systems do have a well-developed composting infrastructure; the MANDALA project will help develop a model for isolating the biodegradable elements from the recyclable ones.

Allow the separation and re-routing of materials through eco-design using the MANDALA project’s multifunctional adhesive. This will allow multi-layer packaging to be split into its component parts without using solvents.


Validate MANDALA packaging prototypes in 2 sectors (food and pharma) contributing to the creation of 1 new circular value chain